CRT: Celebrating Language, Race and Culture in Education

REQUIREMENTS: We seek proposals exploring, analyzing, teaching, training and sharing on the conference theme: 

CRT: Celebrating Language, Race and Culture in Education.

We are looking for presentations that acknowledge the classroom as a place for CRT whether it be critical race theory or culturally relevant teaching. We want a positive approach to pedagogy that embraces the languages, races and cultures of our students, parents, community, faculty, leadership, and others. Our educational institutions recognize the value of our students and their cultural contributions to their own learning, engendering conversations around various identities.


  • undergrad and graduate students
  • faculty and administrators of two and four year colleges
  • K-12 faculty and administrators
  • community organizations and others

The proposal deadline is January 21, 2022.

For questions or comments contact:
Jadi Z. Omowale,
CRTL Conference Chair