2022 CRTL Training Institute

Wednesday, March 30 – Virtual: 9am – 4pm

Please note: The CRTL Conference itself will be held in a hybrid format on March 31 and April 1, and this pre-conference Institute will be held virtually on Wednesday, March 30.

PQH 2019 ConferenceThe CRTL Institute is a full day of training in culturally relevant pedagogy. This special pre-conference session is to train those educators (and others) outside of CCBC interested in becoming a culturally responsive educator or staff member. The CRTL Institute is offering a choice from these two new modules:

How to Engage in Difficult Conversations when Discussing Race and Culture

This module will provide participants with practical strategies that will assist when engaging in difficult conversations surrounding race and culture. Participants will write their cultural script, review the history of race, learn contemplative practices and identify and accentuate the strengths and privileges each individual brings into conversations. These tools and strategies will help participants have more confidence as they navigate through difficult conversations. Key principles found in Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools by Glen Singleton will serve as the guide/framework for this session. 

Using Cognitive Dissonance to Navigate Through Resistance

This module will help participants identify, understand and lessen resistance to equity-minded practices. When we discuss how and why race and culture impact equity in our institutions and create achievement differences, resistance may show up as belief in deficit mindedness, and denial and defense mechanisms. This training will illustrate how to help people navigate resistance and other defense mechanisms to reach a place of empathy and care by recognizing and “sitting with” feelings of dissonance. We will also discuss how transformational learning theory is a useful tool for promoting equity work.

Participants will be enrolled in one of these two workshops for the morning session. The afternoon session will focus on using change management tools to implement equity work in our institutions. Enrollment in specific workshops will be determined based on participant preference, with the understanding that we try to balance the number of participants in each workshop.

CRTL Institute registration fee: $150 for the full day of training and materials.
This is a separate registration from the two-day conference.

Maura Hill, mhill2@ccbcmd.edu
443-840-436 Wedne