CRTL Pre-Conference Institute 2024

Wednesday, April 17th

A full day of in-person training in culturally relevant pedagogy. This special pre-conference session is to train educators, administrators and staff in CRTL principles, and to prepare them to train others in their institutions. The CRTL Train-the-Trainer Institute covers one of two offered modules:

Module 1: The Meanings of Culture & Race

IThis module is considered foundational to our training. It explores the multiple meanings of culture and defines and explores race as a social construct. This workshop will lead participants through several activities that illustrate the CRTL principle that educators must always reflect on how the meanings of our cultures influence our interactions with others, particularly students. It explores the origins of race in the United States, as well as how its social construction leads to bias within our institutions.

Module 2: Social Capital & Learning

Participants will learn the concept of social capital: How the people one knows affect the development of one’s human capital, knowledge, skills, and abilities. In addition, participants will learn how to direct students’ efforts to expand their social capital networks of knowledge.

Four people in group discussion

At the institute you will select your module of choice, the group will split, and we will conduct trainings on these two modules, simultaneously. If you are sending a team, the team would be divided between the workshops and train each other when you return home. Each attendee will leave with one training completed.

Institute attendance will be limited to keep group size small and interactive, so register early. Please note that registration for the conference is separate from institute registration. 

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